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The Black Marriage Movement mission is to decrease the high Divorce rate in the black community by promoting and strengthening *African American/Black Marriages through education, recreation and celebration.

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The co-founders of Devoted Spouses, a registered 501c3 charitable organization. This dynamic team is dedicated and determined to educate and equip couples using biblical principles and values as well as other educational resources and tools to sustain a vibrant, responsible and healthy marriage relationship.
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Holy Temple Evangelistic Center was founded on April 8, 2007. Pastor Willie and Lady Diane McClain served in the community for over thirty years. They served faithfully in the ministry of Zion United House of Prayer and in the ministry of education , at Zion Preparatory Academy. They also served in the community in numerous youth activities and programs, such as: Garfield Community Center Advisory Board, International Little League, A.A.U. Sports, CAYA Youth Programs, Rainier Youth Association, Student Transition to Private School, and various Seattle School District Sports.

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Stronger Fathers, Healthier Communities
Our Vision
To model healthy relationships as a means of creating healthier fathers and families.
To stop the cycle of family violence and brokenness in order to improve the lives of children.
To encourage fathers to become agents of change in their communities. 


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Women of Purpose began as the vision of Dr. O. Virginia Phillips, in Portland, Oregon in December of 1993 to bring reconciliation, restoration and renewal to individuals, families and communities of every cultural group, religious denomination or social status to represent a united body of Christ.

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